Skyscraper & Prefab India Summit 2014 : Raising the Skyline of Modern India

The two day intensive knowledge sharing summit will platform infrastructure and real estate industry peers for exploring the future potential of skyscrapers & prefabricated buildings in India.

Dubai (I-Newswire) June 17, 2014 - "Globalisation has brought in numerous foreign architects to work in India. Some have contributed to the betterment of the Indian urban and built environment, and some have not. Neverhtheless, foreign architects tend to charge higher fees because of the higher costs of their doing work in their own countries.", stated Dr. Ken Yang Principal of Hamzah & Yeang, and one of the key note speakers at Skyscrapers and Prefab India Summit, 24-25, July at The Leela, Mumbai.

He believes that the Green design is an inevitability, if we are to have a sustainable future. In less than the next 10 years or so, almost every architect in the world will be applying green design, which will become second nature to their way of practice. Green building design basically is useful to balance environmental responsibility, community sensitivity, occupant comfort and well-being, and resource efficiency.

Dr. Ken Yeang is an architect, masterplanner and ecologist who is best known for his signature eco-architecture and eco-masterplanning buildings and projects, that have a distinctive verdant green aesthetic. He will be speaking about "The Idea of Eco-Skyscrapers", elaborating on defining the alternate approach to community housing, converting skyscrapers into Eco Towers and challenges of building Eco Towers in India.

Lalit Kumar Jain, CMD of Kumar Builders & Chairman of CREDAI, also known as "Mr. Incredible" & "Green Man", will be speaking at the summit on the crucial topic of "Urbanization - Opportunities and Challenges". He will address the cause of physical growth in urban areas as well as the opportunities therein and explore the critical role of private capital in real estate.

Participants will get a comprehensive understanding of how urbanization can be a driving force for the economy. Additionally, the summit will feature ground breaking new project presentations on building skyscrapers in India, role of Government in construction of skyscrapers, understanding the concept of Green Buildings for sustainable living, and structural safety for tall buildings to name a few.The summit is supported by the Builders Association of India (BAI).